Welcome to Sholdrs.

I'm Laura Watts, the mind and hands behind Sholdrs. Ditching the hustle of London for the tranquility of the Cotswolds, I discovered a newfound passion – designing unique, eco-friendly bags from reclaimed fabrics. With more space for a sewing machine and a growing stash of materials ranging from discarded upholstery to curtain remnants, my journey into sustainable fashion began.

At Sholdrs, my designs are born from a desire to stand out without the unnecessary frills. I embrace individuality with a touch of practicality. My bags serve as an extension of your personality, made with love and a nod to the environment.

Growing up, I learned the importance of considering the environmental impact of every purchase. In a world drowning in waste, Sholdrs is my way of making a difference. I source materials from scrap stores, collaborate with upholsterers and curtain makers, and connect with sewers across the internet and my home town to give new life to discarded fabrics. Every bag tells a story, weaving together the threads of its previous life into a completely unique piece.

I'm also meticulous about minimising waste in my own production process. Every thread and fabric snip finds a purpose, as I donate them to a charity dedicated to recycling textiles, turning them into sustainable soft furnishings.

Sholdrs is a commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion making bags for everyday use. Our crossbody bags are not only sturdy but also sit close to your body – making them not just stylish but safe, too. Ideal for everything from daily adventures to festival fun and travel escapades, our bags reflect your values and love for the planet.